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Q: Are you Republican or Democrat?
A: I am a Republican
Q: Why are you registered as a Republican?
A: I am a registered Republican because my core values align more with conservative view points.  However, I like to make my own decisions based on research.  I want to do what is best for the greater good.  I am empathetic, and I believe in listening to people before making any final decisions.

Q: What are your core values that you feel best align with conservative view points?

A: I believe in the Constitution and everything for which it stands.  We should have leaders who serve the people and not special interest groups.  I believe that children should be given every opportunity to become successful citizens.  I think we should have a smaller, smarter, more efficient government.  Healthcare decisions should be between you and your doctor.  We should have a strong military, and our veterans should have the best health and mental health care available.  I also believe that our social programs should be designed to help people get out of poverty instead of encouraging them to continue in the same cycle.

Q: What is your stance on taxes and reducing them?

A: As a small business owner, I don't like taxes any more than anyone else.  I do however understand that taxes are necessary to run a government.  There is a lot more to your question than just the obvious.  Spending needs to be reevaluated from the top down to see where the current revenue is being spent.  That has to be done before we can determine whether taxes need to be cut or even possibly increased.  Then there is the issue of what and who will be taxed and at what amount.  The issue is much deeper and wider than my opinion of taxes.

Q: What makes you stand out in this primary?

A: I am 100% for Public Education.  My wife, Joie, is a former teacher and was in education for 15+ years. Two of our children graduated from Public Education.  Our youngest attended Public Schools until the 10th grade.  At that time, we realized he needed smaller class sizes.  Because he is Cherokee, he applied and was accepted at Sequoyah High School in Tahlequah from which he graduated.  This experience has allowed me to understand the need of smaller class sizes.
I also believe in hearing others out regardless of our differences of beliefs or opinions, and I consider the ideas of others.  I don't believe that because I am a Republican, that Democrats are not capable of having great, viable ideas and solutions to problems.

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